• 池田満寿夫 「聖なる手Ⅰ」
  • 池田満寿夫 エスキース№51
  • 池田満寿夫 エスキース№54
  • 池田満寿夫 エスキース№61
  • 池田満寿夫 エスキース№71
  • 駒井哲郎「新潮」1972年11月号表紙
  • 駒井哲郎「教会の横」
  • 長谷川 潔 野の花小さなコクリコ
  • 長谷川 潔 林檎と葡萄


Of all the master printers from Japan, the land of printmaking, four artists stand out as the greatest of the 20th century.

Kiyoshi Hasegawa
Shiko Munakata
Tetsuro Komai
Masuo Ikeda

Nagai Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo, is proud to announce our new international art programme. To meet the growing interest in Japanese art around the world we shall be launching an English language series on our YouTube channel to introduce Nippon art to people outside of Japan.

Nagai Gallery was established by my father in 1971 to display contemporary Japanese art. While we have exhibited the works of some of the most renowned artists from around Japan, we have always had a strong ethos of searching for new and lesser-known artists and providing a stage for them to show their talent.
We have built a very good reputation in Japan but for many years it has been a dream of mine to bring Japanese art to a more global audience. It is only now that the world has become so interconnected through social media however that this has seemed possible.
I look forward to sharing with you some of the art that has been such an important part of my life. Art in Japan has a long and rich heritage yet only a very few Japanese artists have become truly world renowned. I hope you will be surprised and impressed by the art being created today in Japan.
Our motto is Art for Life and, whether you are looking for a piece to display at home or are looking for an investment opportunity, I believe there is something for everyone at our gallery.
I am looking forward to welcoming you to Nagai Gallery in our upcoming YouTube series.

"English Translation (翻訳) by CreativeJourneyJapan"



Nagai Art Gallery Bilingual Movie

  • English--Artworks of Junkyu MUTO【武藤順九①】
  • English--Artworks of Takuya IWASAKI【岩﨑拓也①】
  • English--Artworks of LI YAN【里燕②】
  • English--Artworks of Fujii Francois【フジイフランソワ②】
  • English--Artworks of Aya SAITO
  • English--Exhibition of Satou Ichiro and his 19 former students
  • English--Artworks of Junji KAWASHIMA【河嶋淳司②】
  • English--Artworks of Tasuku KAWANO【河野扶②】
  • English--Artworks of Gorō KAKEI【掛井五郎】
  • English--Tadashi OKUYAMA 's works 【奥山忠】
  • English--Biography of Yayoi KUSAMA 【草間彌生①】
  • English--Tetsuro KOMAI 's works【駒井哲郎③】
  • English--Kiyoshi HASEGAWA 's works【長谷川潔③】
  • English--Masuo IKEDA, the world's most acclaimed artist【池田満寿夫】
  • 新年のご挨拶とリニューアルのお知らせ

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